What is FOD ?

FOD, standing for Foreign Object or Debris, refers to anything that is foreign to the aircraft or abnormal to its operational environment such as baggage tag or wheel, wooden chock splinter, tool, safety wire, GSE parts, pavement debris, catering supplies, cabin cleaning garbage, plastic or paper wrappings and so on.


What is the FOD*BOSS® ?

The FOD*BOSS® is a patented airport sweeper designed specifically for collecting FOD at high speed and with incredible efficiency.

The FOD*BOSS® is towed by a vehicle at up to 50 km/h, 30mph, driven by a single operator. No special skills or licence required.

There is no motor, vacuum suction engine or moving parts which makes it very affordable and virtually maintenance free.


Lifetime Guarantee

Extensive research and development combined with exhaustive field trials and many years of operational experience has resulted in a product manufactured from the toughest wearing components. This, combined with the best construction techniques ensures a long and efficient service life. The FOD*BOSS® is constantly proving its value at airports large and small and Military bases around the world.

Furthermore, each FOD*BOSS® carries a Serial Number which identifies it from the date of purchase.

FODBOSS-AFI is therefore able to extend the Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee offered by Aerosweep Pty Ltd on all its products.